Corporate and Business Transactions

The Liles Firm provides Florida businesses a full spectrum of services.  We provide assistance in structuring, negotiating and creating organizations that best suit our client’s needs including:

Partnership: A partnership is created when two or more parties decide to do business together. While a partnership may be created simply by commencing the working relationship, (there are no formal filing requirements) a better practice is for Partners to create a formal agreement reflecting how they wish to work together (contributions, allocations of revenues and losses, partners’ rules and decision-making authority and dispute resolution mechanisms) and termination planning for the day when a partner leaves, sells or passes away.

Limited Liability Company: A Florida Limited Liability Company (LLC) is created by filing with the Secretary of State for the State of Florida. An LLC provides the liability protections of a Corporation within a less formal administrative structure than a Corporation and also permits its members to utilize a pass-through tax treatment (similar to a Partnership). We can assist you in establishing the LLC and creating the Operating Agreement (the document which establishes the LLC structure and Member relations-including allocations and membership interests, contributions and services to be provided to the LLC, decision-making authority, dispute resolution and rules regarding the sales or transfers of interests and winding down the LLC). Participants in the LLC are referred to as Members.

Corporation: A Florida Corporation is created by filing Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State for the State of Florida. In addition, Bylaws for the Corporation are created to address the organizational, operational and termination issues of the Corporation. The Bylaws will establish the initial Board of Directors (responsible for the policy and planning decisions for the Corporation). Officers of the Company act at the direction of the Board of Directors and handle the day to day operations of the Corporation. The owners of the Corporation are referred to as Shareholders and they will designate the members of the Board of Directors.

In addition, we are available to assist our clients with ongoing business services, including structuring, negotiating and drafting agreements, including marketing and distribution agreements, business purchase and sale agreements, franchise agreements, sales and licensing agreements and real estate management, vendor agreements, purchase and lease agreements and non-compete and confidentiality agreements. Our goal is to provide practical business analysis and consultation to our clients- permitting the client to avoid pit falls and make sound business decisions. Practical and thoughtful business decisions and clear unambiguous documentation of those decisions are an asset to every business organization and business person, regardless of the size of the business or the industry.